My experience with Google Toolbar Compute

I know it shouldn't work this way but ever since I installed the Google compute client in January my PC has only crashed once and it used to go down about every other day. This was probably due to all of the beta software I try out and then remove (I still do just as much of this). Like I said I can't explain it but the difference in reliability is un-explainable by any other means. After I installed Google Compute I paid particular attention to any change in reliability like I always do when I make a change to my system so I could take it off if it had any adverse effects and I didn't make any other changes at the same time. 

Several other friends are running it with no noticeable effect or reported problems ... even my friend Alek who does all sorts of crazy stuff on his PC - for example, look at how much work he did on his patio designs.

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