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Steamboat Real Estate the place to go for Condos, Townhomes, Luxury homes, Land and Ranch properties.  Choose the right Realtor in Steamboat Springs whether you need a buyer's agent or someone to list your property. I work hard to get you the answers you need to make the right decision. Marabou Ranch is an interesting ranch property in Steamboat Springs

Steamboat Ski and Bike Kare - for the best Steamboat Springs Ski and Bike shop the choice is easy. Located right downtown on 5th and Lincoln this is the shop that locals in the know go to.

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My friend put up this page about Steamboat Springs mountain biking trails with topo maps using the Google maps interface after riding Mad Creek with me. There are also GPS tracks available for download. He also has a site for families looking at real estate in Superior Colorado. This site has some good information on quality of life, parks with Google maps to show their location and fun things to do there.

Powder Skiing in Steamboat Springs and the West

Stamped Concrete decks and patios

The winter climate in Steamboat Springs demands a lot from a deck. All of the snow and ice plus the occasional avalanche of ice blocks off the roof can quickly age or even crush a wood or composite deck. As a Realtor I see houses on a regular basis and it is not uncommon in the winter for me to see serious deck damage from falling ice or sliding snow. In early March of 2006 I 6 foot wide by 8 ft tall by 8 inch thick block of ice dropped 2 stories off the roof of the model unit for a luxury town home development. The ice was in the shape of an arrowhead. It fell through the deck as you might imagine then tipped to the side and crushed a brand new hot tub. I didn't have my camera when I walked out on the deck to see it so unfortunately I don't have a picture. Needless to say it was an impressive sight.  Stamped concrete would have fared much better. I'm not sure how it might have changed the fate of the hot tub but I'm guessing the ice hitting the stamped concrete might have made a lot of ice cubes instead of leaving a large block of ice to tip over and crush the hot tub. Stamped concrete allows for many twists on conventional deck designs allowing the homeowner or architect more flexibility in achieving their goals of making a unique statement in the patio area..

For Los Angeles Architectural, Interior, Advertising and Commercial Photography I have referred a couple of builders I know to Chip Raches.  His work is striking and effectively portrays the quality of the high-end builders we works with.

Digital Photography:
DPReview is the best site for photo enthusiasts to get an objective evaluation of digital camera image quality, performance and features. Phil does an excellent job of reviewing digital cameras and highlighting shortcomings (sometimes requiring a read between the lines for more subtle issues). A couple of things that no camera review site (that I know of) does well is quantify how well digital cameras focus from an accuracy, speed and action standpoint. The second is a comparable test across cameras for people photos. As humans we are incredibly astute at detecting photos with an unnatural look and this is particularly easy to see in pictures of other people because of the smooth and subtle color changes and the detail. One more is people at evening events. Some of people's most important memories happen indoors at weddings or other events at night. This also happens to be tough for many consumer digital cameras so going without this test can allow you to buy a camera that won't perform well when it really counts. 2 of these areas are very hard to test objectively over time but I think that with some effort better tests could be put in place. The indoor dark shot would be easy. Phil lives in London so it is a challenge for him to get comparable outdoor shots in good weather during the time he has a particular camera for review.

Steve's Digicams is a more consumer focused digital camera website with simpler reviews more suited to beginning digital photographers. Steve is based in Florida so it is helpful to check this site to see how the cameras you are interested in perform in the sun.

Luminous Landscape is a site where you can find some very nice photography, tutorials, and reviews of high-end digital photography equipment by a very talented and tech savvy photographer.

The Digital Camera Resource Page is a good site for beginning to mid-level digital photographers and even includes a red-eye test. I do think he is a little too generous with his recommendations. For example he likes the Pentax Optio 550 and says it has great image quality. It is a nice camera with a 5X zoom in a small package but it's image quality does not begin to measure up.  To get cameras for review these guys have to play nice so maybe that explains his reviews.

Other: - The definitive way to search the web.  Check out their new toolbar to make searching easier and block pop up ads. I've used since it came out and it rocks. - The esteemed personal web page of Alek Komarnitsky that chronicles his and his family's many adventures. It also includes a plethora of information you never thought you would find on the web but are glad you did.  Alek is the man with the patience to teach this "talentless hack" the web a "little" bit at a time. This site also has some of the best barefoot water-skiing pictures on the web.

Guide to Climbing Boulder/ - the best website to check out if you climb in Boulder, CO.  Run by a true renaissance man who can climb, travel the world, charm the ladies, and build for the web like few others. Meet Myke Komarnitsky here.


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